America’s rudest cities

Just when New Yorkers thought we’d finally ditched the “rudest people in America” tag, Travel & Leisure readers put us at the top of their 2012 America’s Rudest Cities list.  
Some 40,000 survey participants can’t all be wrong, but it’s equally unlikely they’ve all had a sour experience in the Big Apple.

New Yorkers are fighting back. One Manhattan resident told amNewYork that “she regularly notices thoughtful acts, such as people holding doors open, and is herself willing to dole out directions to confused tourists.”

Amen to that. New Yorkers can be super-helpful and friendly, depending on what part of town you’re in and whether or not it’s rush hour. And in a crisis (say, 9/11), I’d always want a New Yorker by my side. OK, so we don’t gush over strangers like your Aunt Millie in Georgia or your college roommate in Minneapolis. We respect others’ privacy, for one thing. Before you side with the T&L crowd, check out the rest of their top five rudest towns:

2. Miami
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Los Angeles
5. Boston

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