How much nice is too much?

Did Reese Witherspoon, widely considered one of Hollywood’s nicest women, overdo it when she gushed over Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, widely considered one of England’s nicest royals? Here’s what Witherspoon, who met the Duchess at a charity event last summer, told Ellen deGeneres:

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What do you think? Do too many nices devalue the sentiment behind nice?

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2 Responses to How much nice is too much?

  1. joan says:

    Well put, Bob. Couldn’t agree more about too many nices. But what’s the limit? One per sentence? One per conversation? We forget that no nice is better than one delivered without genuine feeling behind it. What’s the solution? Should we just trade in the word nice for one with less baggage attached to it?

  2. Bob Logan says:

    Yes, too many nices are like too many cooks—they spoil the conversational soup. “Nice” site, by the way. You should post more often.

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